Capital Concrete Coatings specializes in transforming the look and functionality of your pool deck. From new concrete pours, deck expansions, to decorative concrete overlays and coatings – we are Austin’s experts and have transformed hundreds of pool decks across Central Texas.

If you have a damaged pool deck that needs to be torn out and re-poured, or are just wanting a cosmetic makeover and want to modernize the look of your swimming pool, Capital Concrete Coatings has a solution for you.

All the products we offer for resurfacing pool decks are slip resistant, stain resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. The great thing about Capital Concrete Coatings is we are a truly independent organization and aren’t married to just one product line – we can offer you the RIGHT solution for your particular project.

Every pool deck resurfacing project is unique. A lot of pools we see around Austin have exposed aggregate finishes from the 70s (see pictures below) and they are quite uncomfortable to walk on – especially during the summer. We’ve resurfaced hundreds of pool decks around Austin and take pride in custom crafting each job and transforming our customer’s pool decks into great outdoor living spaces.

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