Resurfacing Your Pool Deck

Resurfacing your pool deck can completely transform the look of your pool area.   It not only is an aesthetic makeover, but resurfacing your concrete pool deck can also help improve the safety and comfort of the area too.

At Capital Concrete Coatings, we feel that every job is unique and there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to resurfacing your pool deck.  Our goal is to help you come up with a look that’s right for your home, and fits into your budget.  We’ve helped hundreds of pool owners across Austin and central Texas remodel and repair their pool decks.  Here’s a look at all the ways pool deck resurfacing can give you the swimming pool of your dreams.

Flexible Design Options

Pool deck resurfacing is the process of applying a new layer of polymer modified cement over your existing concrete. This new layer of polymer modified cement is completely customizable, and covers up any cracks, stains, or other damage that may have existed before.  It’s slip resistant, easy to maintain, often times cooler than concrete (depending on the product/finish selected), and looks beautiful.  The final look can be a simple classic texture (often referred to as Kool Deck or Cool Deck), actual Kook Deck, a stamped overlay, a stain, or a Stone Coat pattern (made to look like flagstone, Ashlar Slate, or numerous other looks).  Not only does it look better than concrete, it’s also incredibly tough and durable – with most products having aa psi rating higher than concrete.  Click on the photos below to see some of the pool deck resurfacing work that Capital Concrete Coatings has done.

Other Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing

Not only can you reimagine the look and feel of your pool area when you resurface your pool deck, you also can improve the safety and functionality of the area.  Capital Concrete Coatings can create a slip resistant surface around your pool deck area, eliminate “toe stub” areas (where concrete has heaved up or sunken) – or simply extend and make additions to your pool deck that will match perfectly with older areas. The possibilities are virtually limitless!

If you’re interested in getting your pool deck resurfaced and would like a free consultation/estimate – just give us a call!  We’ve been working in Austin and throughout central Texas for over 20 years, and chances are, if you have a problem with your pool deck, we’ve seen it before and have a solution that is tried-and-true.

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